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3 creative ways to contain Covid-19 in Schools around the world

As the coronavirus thing drags on (and there seem to be no end to it – a vaccine will be at least a year away), more parents start to wonder if the schools will ever reopen. Now there are some glimmers at the end of the tunnel. In Hong Kong there are already rumours of schools reopening by the end of May (at least this is what the parents have been telling me:). While we certainly hope this will be the case, parents start to worry about the safety of their kids in an enclosed school setting.

Yes there is the sanitizer, the alcohol wipes, the face masks which give us a sense of security, (or not?) in the face of a highly contagious virus and school officials keep reassuring us that we will all be safe at the end of the day. Deep down, the officials, the higher-ups, parents know they cant be too sure. We need to seal airtight all the possible channels of spreading, right? After all this virus has been known to spread in flocks (and in days) among beach-goers, family members and cruise ship tourists.

So we have dug up 3 of the creative ways to contain Covid-19 that have been adopted around the world.

(Image Source:

Apparently mainland China goes retro with containing the spread of the virus. A school in Hangzhou, China recently reintroduces an official style hat from the Song dynasty, which is almost a 1000 years back counting from today. The hat has wings dangling from each of its side and it is around a metre long in width. Students will know that they are getting too close to each other if a wing hits the other person. Desparate attempt? Yes, but it could work.

(Image source: CNN)


In British Columbia, Canada, the Ministry of Health also recommends outdoor learning in schools (the handful of which remain open) as much as possible. The Ministry also suggest setting up mini environments within the school to reduce number of children in a large group, i.e., set up 2 or 3 learning areas for numeracy and literacy activities. For the complete list of precautions, here is the link.

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