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IGCSE A-Level Tutorials (Edexcel | CIE | AQA)

At the IGCSE level, there are a few major exam boards which are namely Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), Edexcel and the AQA. The IGCSE is a curriculum widely used in the United Kingdom and many overseas school to prepare for its name-sake exam in grade 10 or the fifth form. The curriculum has an international version, which is generally regarded as more rigorous and is more widely used in international and independent schools outside of the United Kingdom. Our experienced IGCSE and A-Level tutors will help you identify your weaknesses and train you to be ready for the exams. 

Subject requirements vary slightly depending on the school, but generally speaking students are required to take one course from each subject group such as English, Maths, Sciences and Humanities. Choice of university major may affect subject choice at this level. 

Compared to the IBMYP program, some would argue that the I/GCSE curriculum is more structured and is a better benchmark in assessing a student’s academic knowledge on a specific topic. 

In the exam each student is given a grade of A* to G of which the grade A is subdivided into A* and A. It is common for our students to improve 1 to 2 letter grades after being helped by our experienced IGCSE and A-level tutors for 2-3 months. 

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