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Physics has a lot of mathematical concepts at play. Exceling in Maths, however, does not always mean that you will do well in Physics. If you are doing IB Physics HL or A-Level Physics, you will most likely need a tutor to help clarify concepts for you (unless you are naturally gifted), as some concepts in Physics simply sound so outlandish to mundane ears. Many students in Hong Kong fail Physics simply they do not understand the concepts well enough and make wrong calculations. Our Physics tutorials or course come in handy with our highly experienced team of Physics tutors. 

Our Physics tutors graduate from leading UK/ US/ Canadian universities with majors in Physics/ Engineering/ Sciences or related disciplines. They typically have 3 or more years of teaching/ tutoring experience in IB/ IGCSE/ SAT/ SSAT Physics and are certainly well versed. All our Physics tutors lead small group or private tutorials, and students will be assigned a tutor who best cater to their learning needs.   

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MEng-Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College London
BEng-Materials Science and Engineering at Tsinghua University
French International School of Hong Kong-IGCSE and IB

Matthew has been tutoring Mathematics and Science courses at both IB and IGCSE level for nearly 4 years now. His qualifications include 6A*s and 3As in Maths, Sciences and languages and 42/45 in the IBDP, with 6s and 7s in HL Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.  

Throughout his time being a tutor, he has not only helped students improve their grades by 1–2-mark bands, but also help them develop a genuine interest in the subject he teaches. His style of teaching revolves around explaining the concepts first and going over an example to enforce understanding and subsequently, they practice a blank past paper question to reinforce the knowledge. He also endeavours to teach by using unconventional methods, such as relating the concept to real-life examples, which allows for better understanding of the topic taught.  

He believes that every student has the potential to do well in the subjects, irrespective of their background, as long as they have the right guidance and the required work ethic and he hopes to instil it into them when he tutors them.

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B.Sc. Physics (Honours), minor in Astronomy, University of Hong Kong


2 years of relevant tutoring experience


Angus is an experienced IB/ IGCSE/ HKDSE Maths and Sciences (Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology) tutor at Hudson Academy. His students come from international schools and direct subsidy schools from all over Hong Kong. Angus is well liked for his teaching method, which breaks down complex concepts, and helped many struggling students understand course materials much better than before. During his time at HKU, he was secretaries for the Astronomy Club and the Science Outreach Team. He achieved 5* in most maths and sciences subjects.  

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Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Hong Kong

B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Hong Kong


2 years of IB and related program tutoring experience 


Karina is a Hudson instructor in Maths and Chemistry. She has taught for many years at leading local Hong Kong schools in subjects of Chemistry, General Sciences and Maths. During her time at the University of Hong Kong, she was a teaching assistant for courses in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Physical and Environmental Chemistry and has helped countless students with understanding and resolving complex concepts. Before joining Hudson, she was an Engineering at companies such as Philips among many others and specialized in the management of commercial design and material sourcing for electronic products.

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B. Sc Chemistry, Imperial College London


5 years experience in IB/ IGCSE Maths, Chemistry and Physics 


Peter graduated from Imperial College London with Second Class Upper Divisiont Honours. He scored over 90% consistently for his A Levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and knows well the keys to achieving top grades in various exam curricula. He has been an IB/ IGCSE tutor for 5 years with deep knowledge of the layout and expectations for many British-based exams; his past students come from the likes of South Island School, Kellett School and a number of renowned British boarding schools. His teaching approach has helped many confused students clarify complex concepts and progress significantly. 

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Master of Manufacturing, Carnegie Mellon University  GPA4.0

Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Hong Kong, 2nd Class Honours Division 1

Top grades in Hong Kong AL and GCE AL


3 years of IB IGCSE Maths and Sciences experience 


Alex Chu is an experienced full-time tutor of Mathematics and Sciences who always motivates students to get to their next level. He is an expert in the IB, IGCSE and SAT curricula and their exam structures and formats. He has helped many students improve dramatically during his past years of tutoring. He scores perfectly himself at the GCE AL and HKCEE in Pure Maths, Applied Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 


He is especially good at breaking down complex scientific concepts, explaining them in diagrams and also relating them to their uses in our daily lives. Students have found his presentation dynamic. Many of his students turn form a D to a B with the right efforts in matter of months. 


Before tutoring, Alex has worked at the likes of Hewlett Packard and Dell in supervisory positions for many years and based himself in Beijing. Coincidentally his young son has studied at and graduated from Yew Chung International School and Dulwich College. 

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