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Our Chemistry and Biology Tutorials

Our Chemistry/ Biology tutorials develops students’ skills in problem solving. They prepare students with an excellent foundation for pursuing IB Diploma, A-Levels or other higher level curriculums in later years. For the IB program, we cover primary (PYP), middle years (MYP) and standard (SL) and higher levels (HL). For IGCSE and A-Levels, we cover Edexcel, Cambridge (CIE) and AQA boards. 

Our Chemistry/ Biology tutorials are strictly exam-oriented and seek to mirror each student’s progress in school as much as possible. As a leading Physics tutoring specialist, we have helped over 90% of our students make visible improvements in less than 3 months time. 

In each class, our tutors scrutinize each student’s Chemistry/ Biology capabilities with the use of regular assessments and past paper drills. We seek to unleash each student’s full potential by challenging them to formulate organized and reasoned responses. Students can opt to take classes in Causeway Bay, Kowloon and through online.


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Press the button or whatsapp 93683082 to get a free trial. We will respond in 24 hours.                   請按右面的按鍵,或WhatsApp 預約免費試堂。

IB Chemistry/ Biology Tutorial HL/ SL | GCE Chemistry/ Biology Tutorials

Our Chemistry/ Biology Tutorial helps students understand how the nature is constructed. Our IB Chemistry/ Biology tutorial and A-Level Chemistry/ Biology tutorials cover topics and themes such as electrochemistry, atomic structure, Chemical Bonding, Cells and Carbon Cycle. During each tutoring session, our Chemistry/ Biology tutors will cover these topics first in colloquial terms and slowly delve it with molecule equations and relevant examples. With our IB Chemistry/ Biology tutorials and A-Level Chemistry/ Biology tutorials, Chemistry and Biology becomes easier to understand. 

I/GCSE | IB/MYP Chemistry/ Biology Tutorials

Like our more senior IB Chemistry/ Biology tutorial and GCE Chemistry/ Biology tutorial counterpart, our IGCSE Chemistry/ Biology and IBMYP Chemistry/ Biology tutorials are also available in small group or private settings. Our small class size ensures that each student gets the attention they deserve and that no time will be wasted. 

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