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IB 中文補習 | IGCSE中文補習

IB Chinese | IGCSE Chinese Tutorials

Our IB Chinese Tutorial and IGCSE Chinese Tutorials mainly cater to international school students in the Chinese A/ Chinese B program. All tutorials are instructed in Putonghua and English. Instruction in Cantonese is also available upon request. Our Chinese tutorials use either simplified or traditional Chinese for written assignments depending on the school of the student. Our IB Chinese Tutorial and IGCSE Chinese tutorials are ideal for students preparing towards the two major exams. All our Chinese tutors have Putonghua as their first language. 

Students can opt to take classes in Causeway Bay, Kowloon and through online.



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Press the button or whatsapp 93683082 to get a free trial. We will respond in 24 hours.                   請按右面的按鍵,或WhatsApp 預約免費試堂。

IB IGCSE Language A Tutorials

Our IB IGCSE Chinese Language A Tutorials are led by Chinese tutors with literature experience. Students will explore different genres in Chinese writing and learn literary devices, themes and contexts employed throughout these Chinese texts. Our IB IGCSE Chinese Language A Tutorials are available in small group and private settings. 


IB IGCSE Language B Tutorials

Our IGCSE/ IBMYP level Language B Tutorials are ideal for second language speakers who are exam-oriented. These IB IGCSE Chinese B Tutorials are small group in size and are highly personalized to make sure that the student builds a solid foundation for senior grade levels. 

Our IB IGCSE Chinese B tutorial is one of our longest running tutorial programs and has been very well received by parents in the last 10 years. More than 90% of our students have seen a significant improvements in 3 months time. 

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