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How Do IB Classes Prepare Students For University And Beyond?


The top achievers in the schools are always looking for high-level educational courses that will push them into the university and their careers. IB or International Baccalaureate is one such program that results in personal and academic development after its successful completion. 

International Baccalaureate or IB is a two-year program that consists of six courses and one philosophy class known as ‘Theory of Knowledge.’ To complete this program, you need to score minimum points in each class, fulfill the Theory of Knowledge class requirements, complete the independent research paper, and accomplish the 100 hours of CAS or Creativity, Activity, and Service. However, the students may require training from a professional IB tutor.

This program is specifically designed to promote extracurricular activities and academic studies. A report on IB states that this program has almost 1.4 million students enrolled in 4 different educational programs aged 3 to 19. By February 2021, almost 7300 programs are offered globally in 158 countries and include over 5400 schools. The Asia-Pacific region enrolls almost 21.3% of students in the IB program. 

The numbers speak a great deal, so let us now see the academic perks associated with the IB program.

IB Program: Prepares You for Success in University Studies and Life Beyond 

IB includes the most challenging educational program that is best for the overall development of the students. To prepare the students for higher education and life, it is necessary to take IB classes from a professional tutor. 

Many reputed online and offline tutoring classes are available nowadays, but Hudson Academy, an IB tutor Hong Kong stays ahead of all the tutors because of its vast experience and personalized IB tutoring approach. Here’s why IB is worth the pick for the students:

  1. Learning in Effective Ways

The IB tutors and teachers follow a unique critical thinking approach among their students. This helps the students to understand the difficult concepts effectively. IB is not a memory-based but an understanding-based program. It helps students remember the concepts for a long period, as it does not get wiped from their brains after the tests. 

The students learn to study the subjects concept-wise instead of just cramming the whole lesson. The reasoning is the main pillar of this program. So, before entering into college or university, the IB program helps you learn the ‘art of studying.’

  1. Better Performance

The students enrolled in the IB program possess strong academic, emotional, and social characteristics. Moreover, these students are likely to perform great in their academic courses too. They excel in their studies than other students who are enrolled in other curriculums. It prepares the students for the upcoming academic challenges in the colleges. It also helps them take rigorous courses to stand out in the university and life rather than opt for lighter coursework.

  1. Provides Exercise to the Student’s Mind

IB courses put a great emphasis on creative thinking and informational synthesis. Even the coursework should have an international focus, like the IB Arts classes must select the work from the ‘Prescribed Literature in the Translation list. The instructor will select the work. Here, understanding the translated work is a challenge because you have to go through the English narrative. If there are any elements lost in the translation, understand it from a translator or an experienced IB tutor. You can also practice for the art classes by writing a short story or get the well-researched prompts from the Writer’s Digest.

  1. You Become Self-Reliant

Students at all levels who are taking the International Baccalaureate course become independent before reaching the university and for life too. The college\’s education system is different from the high school set-up, as you will not have a teacher constantly helping you with your coursework. 

This can come as a shock to students coming from the basic curriculum schools. The students who have already studied in the IB program feel independent and responsible from the first day. They have already carried out much brainstorming in their IB coursework classes, so they easily adjust to the university set-up and later in life too. The IB passed out students are always a step ahead of their college peers.


International Baccalaureate or the IB program involves too much creative thinking that parents and children may feel overwhelmed before joining this program. A few students may feel like giving up. With the help of an experienced and professional tutor, you study smartly and put in your hard work to taste success later in university and life. 

The students based in the Hong Kong area can take the IB tutor HK tutoring services from one of the reputed academies, namely Hudson Academy. The company prepares its students by giving them personalized tutoring that has made more than half of their students lead in their school classes. 

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