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Our Tutorial Services

All our tutorials (group and private option available) are in essence private tutorials and are highly personalized. Our private option is strictly 1 tutor: 1 student, whereas the group option averages 1 tutor: 2-4 students. All tutorials come with personalized homework, exercises and learning notes and are led by highly experienced tutors. 

All tutorials are intended for grade 4-12 students enrolling (or intending to enroll) in the BC curriculum, International Baccalaureate (IB HL/ SL), Advanced Placement (AP) and the SAT. 

Free Trial Lesson: All students are given a free trial lesson. That way our tutors can assess the student thoroughly and come up with a tailored course plan. 

Our lessons start from just 45 CAD/ hour. Please contact us for details.

Our Tutorial Selections

English Writing/ Reading Tutorials

Maths/ Calculus Tutorials

Sciences Tutorials