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Intro to our English Writing and Reading Tutorials

English is often a difficult subject for students because it involves many skills, including grammar, analysis, critical thinking, organization, and language use. All of these skills are needed, whether a student is following the British Columbia or IB/ AP program. Moreover, reading plays, poems, novels, and short stories is necessary to pass exams in these streams. Our tutors will teach students how to analyze these literary works and to write about them from various perspectives. Tutors assign both in-class and take-home assignments so students can hone their analytical and writing skills. We also offer courses in SSAT and in essay writing for those with shorter-term goals. With our flexible options, students can have private or small group tutoring.

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Writing and Comprehension Tutorials

Writing is indispensable to English courses. It is the best way for students to learn grammar, to learn analysis, and to learn structure. For this module, tutors will assign readings that are appropriate for the student’s reading and writing levels, which will be determined by the tutor after an assessment. The student will write in various forms, such as summaries, essays, and/or analysis after reading and discussing the assigned passages. The tutor will go over the student’s work for content, grammar, organization, structure, etc. The writing will also have detailed margin notes for the student so that the student may improve and may ask questions about feedback in the next session.

Literature Analysis Tutorials

Literature is a fundamental part of English courses and is a key component of English 12 and IB programs. The literature module is led by our English writing tutors and includes many genres, including short stories, poems, novels, and plays. Students will learn how to analyze these works in historical context and from a variety of perspectives.

SSAT Tutorials

Literature is a fundamental The SSAT tutorial is designed for students destined for boarding schools in Canada and the US. Students commit to six-month course, on average. The module consists of writing drills, exam skills, and past paper training.

IB/ AP Tutorials

The IB/AP tutorial focuses on the exams by teaching students how to manage daily schoolwork. The tutor will ensure the student is prepared for major milestones, such as tests and major assignments, as the student progresses in the program.

Why Hudson?

Our tutors have the decades of experience to teach students the skills they need, but what makes Hudson truly different from other tutoring services is that our tutors teach the materials so that students understand and retain information. We understand that students retain information best in one-hour classes and that students learn best when information is related to topics they are interested in. Students need to be engaged in learning, and that is what our tutors offer: engaged, student-oriented learning. Students’ grades improve dramatically after just three months with our tutors.